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The Limelight Laser™

The Limelight Laser™

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Introducing the Limelight Laser, a laser pointer designed to unleash your feline friend's inner hunter!

Built for playful cats:

  • Optimized Wavelength (532nm): This laser emits a green beam, a color cats can see particularly well due to their unique vision.
  • Safe Strength (Class II Laser): The 5mW power ensures safe interactive play for your cat. Class II Lasers can cause serious damage to eyes. DO NOT look directly at the laser.
  • Healthy Exercise: Encourages stalking and pouncing behaviors, keeping your cat active and entertained.

Color: Green Laser, available in white and black casing.
Specification: 8.7 * 1.3cm, 532nm laser beam, 5mW, Class II Laser
Material: Metal

Packing list:
Laser Pen x1PCS  

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